Welcome to Crickview Ranch

Updated 5/14/17

Pygora kids are here for Spring 2017. See the Pygora Kids page. Also some adults Pygoras for sale.

We have Velveteen Lop and English Lop babies! See our Rabbits for Sale page! 

Gotland Sheep for sale!
Contact me for pricing and questions!

Arwen is a registered 75% Gotland ewe (3 years old, lambed twice). Sweet friendly girl.
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Arwen shorn

Maynard is 1-year-old
80% non-registered Gotland wether.
Lovely fiber and laid back guy.
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Magnum is a gorgeous 1-year-old registered 87% Gotland Ram. Just a beautiful sheep. Friendly, mostly non-agressive ram. $600

Magnum side 1


My name is Kari (pronounced Kah-ree) Schroeder, and Crickview Ranch is located in Milton Freewater, Oregon (in north east Oregon). I raise Pygora goats, and occasionally have Pygora fleece for sale for spinning. I also have a few Gotland and Bluefaced Leicester sheep, and plan to have their fleeces and/or lambs available as well. We also really enjoy raising English Lop and Velveteen Lop rabbits.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to chat. 
Please feel free to call 509-386-7920
or email at crickview@pocketinet.com

NOTE:  We are no longer raising
Copper Black Marans chickens.

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